Cinnarizine Tables:


Bioavailability Peak plasma level Plasma half-life Active metabolites Elimination
high variability not established 2 to 3 hours 4 to 6 hours not established predominantly extrarenal
Probably polymorphically determined "debrisoquine" metabolism. The pharmacokinetics of cinnarizine in humans is only incompletely documented.

Indication Administration
Initial loading dose
Dose Interval
Maintenance dose
Dose* Interval
motion sickness oral 12.5 to 25 mg** 8 to 12 hours - -
labyrinthine vertigo oral 25 mg 8 to 24 hours 25 mg 8 to 24 hours
*Considering the possible side-effects, a long-term administration is not advisable; high doses (more than 75 mg/day) should be avoided in particular.
**The first dose should be taken one or two hours before traveling.

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