Lidocaine: Adverse Reactions

Dangerous side-effects occur after overdosage, accidental intravascular injection, or cumulation in connection with heart failure or liver insufficiency: re-nimation support is usually necessary.

The effects on the central nervous system are tinnitus, tremor, peripheral paresthesia, visual disturbances, confusion, convulsions, and finally respiratory depressions and coma. Accidentally swallowed lidocaine may also cause convulsions.

The cardiovascular effects include atrioventricular conduction defects, bradyarrhythmias and collapse.

Hypersensitive reactions are very rare. To reduce pain related to local injections, the solution can be heated up to body temperature.

Lidocaine: Interactions

The plasma level and toxicity of lidocaine can be increased through concomitant administration of enzyme inhibitors such as cimetidine and propranolol.

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